Vakantiepark `t Akkertien

Resting point

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Get on your bike, in a boat or get your hiking shoes and discover the beautiful Waterreijk Weeribben Wieden with its many picturesque towns and villages. Hear the silence, feel the space, smell the scent and taste the typical hospitality of Waterreijk Weeribben Wieden. This is the area where's you're really away, but still a little bit at home.

A resting point is a possibility for a short stop at local residents in the area of Waterreijk Weeribben Wieden, where you will receive a surprising look at their yard. At the Resting Point you'll find a bicycle pump, repair set, two charging stations for your e-bikes. There also is a table with two benches, a striking bicycle rack in the shape of a log, coffee, tea and lemonade with a nice snack. You'll find your Resting Point in Vollenhove at Overijssel holiday park`t Akkertien at de Voorst - Noordwal 3 - Vollenhove


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