Vakantiepark `t Akkertien


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Historical city walk: This is a walk along the most important monuments in Vollenhove. A visit to the St. Nicolas Church (the Great Church) is included. Here we'll pay attention to architecture, church interior and church practices. In the historical garden of "Marxveld" we'll talk about the many centuries of garden landscaping.

From the tower of the Small Church, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the garden and the town. In the garden and park of "Old Ruitenborgh" there's a manor which used to be the city hall for many years. This city also offers beautiful facades and the original medieval street pattern can still clearly be recognised. A visit to the old store and the Cultural Historical Centre is also possible.

Geological tour:
The area around Vollenhove is shaped by one of the Netherlands' push moraines. It's surrounded by peatland. This excursion included a visit to:

  • The geological monument (moraine profile), with remains of boulder clay cliffs and a meltwater valley;
  • Visitor centre "De Wieden" peatland / accretion processes etc.);
  • Possibilities for soil drilling;
  • A tour over moraines and along characteristic farmhouses, old hedgerows and castle "De Oldenhof".

The Cultural Historical Centre, Bisschopstraat 36, Vollenhove offers guided city walks. More information about this is available from


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