Vakantiepark `t Akkertien
Holiday park 't Akkertien


Availability and Price




  1. Wi-Fi available
  1. TV available
  1. Maximum number of people: 2


Stay in a real MI2 helicopter for luxury and adventure!

"The campsite in Vollenhove has a helicopter in the pond...!!"

 Staying in a real MI2 helicopter is possible at holiday park 't Akkertien. It has the luxury of a hiking cabin, and it is an adventure to get to it, but it is very cool. Who else can say that they slept in a real helicopter?

 The helicopter sits on a platform in the pond, that you can reach by ferry. There is a bed, TV, heater, and facilities for making a cup of coffee or tea in the helicopter. There is seating outside, and WiFi.

We recommend limiting your stay to two nights.